Six-Word Stories For WIRED Magazine

Each month WIRED Magazine gives readers a prompt and asks them to submit a six word sci-fi story based on the prompt. The winning story is provided to an artist to interpret the story visually. WIRED has commissioned Yiran Jia as the ongoing illustrator of the series. See below for some of our favorites!

A Story About the First De-Extincted Woolly Mammoth: Scientists Were Not Expecting the Venom.

The 2024 version of the classic Disney Channel original movie Smart House: Our Apologies! House-Auto-Fold is in Beta.

A Mystery Set in a Space Hotel: Hologram flickers. He Was Never Aboard.

A Story About a Mysterious Alien Artifact: Turning the Dial, the Sun Flickered.

A Story About an AI on Trial: Select the Boxes that are Evidence.

A Story About a Strange New Cult: Socks Lost in Dryers Become Sacred.