My “professional’ art journey began when I was asked by a 1st grade peer to draw a picture of a little girl. Naturally, I knew the sure-fire way to guarantee  a successful product was to draw her nude. My client loved it, the big-wigs upstairs, not so much. But, from then on, I’ve been the “go-to” for numerous projects over the years…..most paid, most uncensored!

My true path started at an Episcopal Girls’ School in Richmond, Va, and continued to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. Certain that I’d fallen through the looking glass, this land on the other side was beyond expectation. Creative possibility everywhere, and NYC just a subway stop away.

Post graduation, after stints in TV news graphics at the Associate Press and PBS, I fell through yet another looking glass into the universe of full-time freelance illustration. Never dull, always something new and I can work in my pajamas. Win! My client list runs the gamut from Mad Magazine to The Wall Street Journal. Among my illustration adventures, is a week spent in Japan filming a game show competition, “Paper Champions”. Happy to say I didn’t lose!

I’m presently teaching 2 classes in the Communication Arts Department at Virginia Commonwealth University where I’ve been an adjunct for 12 years. My illustration work continues to be a series of welcomed challenges.

When I’m not doing my personal work or enjoying my 2 sons, their wives and my husband, I’m an extremely astonished and dedicated grandmother of twins. I’m looking forward to some messy finger painting and crayon drawing in the not too distant future!