Ismani Sun is a multi-talented, award-winning artist and picture book illustrator from the vibrant city of Atlanta, GA. Her illustrations are inspired by her rich African American heritage and her work celebrates the colorful and magical elements of our world. In addition to her work as an illustrator, Ismani also runs an online bookstore and blog featuring black children’s books and children’s book authors, working to boost the visibility of indie authors of color in the publishing industry. Her site also creates diverse educational materials to make classrooms more inclusive, helping to spread the joy of reading to children of all backgrounds.

With five beloved picture books already under her belt, Ismani’s dynamic illustrations have captured the imaginations of both children and adults around the world. Her passion for exploring supernatural and sci-fi themes has created a unique style that sets her apart from other illustrators in the genre.

Beyond her incredible talent, Ismani is also a tireless advocate for diversity in children’s literature. She believes that every child should be able to see themselves in the stories they read, and she works tirelessly to ensure that children of all backgrounds are represented in the books they love.